Managed SecuritySIEM/SOC Service Package from telent

As a security specialist in the area of CI, telent offers a comprehensive package of services for Managed Security. It includes advanced system solutions for intrusion detection (IDS/IPS) and management (SIEM) and an SOC to provide the best possible protection for your IT/OT infrastructures. 

SIEM: Security Incident & Event Management  /  SOC: Security Operations Centre
IDS: Intrusion Detection System  /   IPS: Intrusion Prevention System

As a system integrator, we work with reputable manufacturers such as Cisco, Fortinet and Radiflow to offer integrated protection of IT and OT environments.

SIEM as a Service

Digitisation and increasingly complex technologies – infrastructure, applications, virtual machines, cloud technologies, terminal devices and IoT – mean that systems face an increased risk of attacks by hackers and malfunctions due to human error. Within IT/OT infrastructures, all digital processes, network components and integrated devices must therefore be continuously monitored. This is the only way to ensure transparency throughout the full infrastructure. 

The Second Law to Increase the Security of Information Technology Systems (German: ITSiG 2.0) calls on CI operators to abide by even stricter security criteria and follow certain procedures: companies and authorities must deploy systems such as SIEM which analyse and evaluate data traffic in real time, report security gaps and detect attacks.  

telent’s Managed Security services provide both SIEM security tools and scalable support services to protect IT/OT environments. As an experienced system integrator, we offer customised solutions for multi-vendor environments. We use advanced hardware and software tools, including machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to comprehensively monitor the flow of data. Extensive correlation data and algorithms trigger alarms and draw attention to suspected threats.

Our services:

  • Real-time data capture: collection of threat information with automatic detection programs
  • Logging of correlations and threat information
  • Analysis and evaluation of events in order to detect threats at an early stage and to take corresponding measures in good time 
  • Reports and dashboard
  • Security workflows

Experts in the SOC ensure your security

telent’s solutions detect threats and react accordingly to protect the infrastructure. In addition, a team of experts is on standby at telent’s Security Operation Centre (SOC) around the clock to proactively search for, recognise and neutralise threats. In this way, we are able to offer the best possible service and reduce downtimes for our customers to a minimum.

With our solutions, there´s no need for you to invest massively in developing and operating a separate SIEM/SOC structure in your company, and you will also benefit from the expertise provided by our cybersecurity experts around the clock.


Our services:

  • 24/7 network monitoring, threat detection
  • Real-time alarms and rapid response
  • Integrated incident management workflow
  • Rectifying attacks and downtimes

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