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New Opportunities ThroughThe Internet Of Things

Digitalization, machine-to-machine communication and networking in all areas of life have become normality – the Internet of Things has long been part of the everyday life.

Successful Smart City and Industry 4.0 concepts are based on an intelligent linking of the requirements and needs using the wide variety of technologies, solutions and equipment units available. This results in an enormous potential of possibilities of how tasks can be fulfilled efficiently and by using the most different information. In this conjunction, the LoRaWAN® technology can provide a significant contribution.


The combination of features, narrow-band transmission with only a few bytes of user data, a robust energy-saving modulation mode with a sensitivity which permits even a reception below the natural noise, together represent today the technical breakthrough regarding the requirements of the IoT world of tomorrow. 

Smart City
The Smart City permits entirely new city concepts – from air quality monitoring up to the intelligent garbage can.

telent offers a broad spectrum of technologies and system solutions, which can be optimally adapted to the individual requirements.

Smart Industry & Logistic
As system integrator, telent offers a comprehensive approach to networked solutions and innovative software platforms and applications. Thus, KRITIS operators can meet the challenging requirements of their customers regarding company communication, logistics and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) processes.

Smart Energy
Communication between components and measuring devices used in Smart Grids requires a reliable infrastructure for data transmission even over long distances. LoRaWAN® has been especially designed for the transmission of low data rates over long geographical distances achieving maximum energy efficiency.

The open and flexible architecture of EvalorIQ accelerates the development of IoT solutions and simplifies individualization. Thus, end-to-end communication, asset tracking or predictive maintenance can be exactly adapted to meet the individual requirements.

IoT-Process ManagementDigitization

In the Internet of Things, machines, equipment units and sensors deliver large data volumes. The evaluation and use of these data to find practicable approaches or business models is decisive for the success of the relevant IoT concept.

telent has already been member of the LoRa Alliance™ since mid-2015. This is an association of technology companies who have defined the LoRaWAN® standard which is a dedicated worldwide specification for the Internet of Things and the provision of IoT solutions around the world. This standard represents the basis for numerous applications from which public institutions, agricultural enterprises, business users and final consumers are equally profiting.

LoRaWAN®The Efficient Radio Technology For The IoT

Billions of things interconnected via sensors and actuators are communicating with each other in the Internet of Things. Conventional radio technologies cannot support and handle these communication requirements comprehensively. Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) offer the optimum solution to meet this challenge. They permit the autonomous devices to interconnect and exchange information at low energy consumption. The LoRaWAN® radio technology is based on the open Industry Standard LoRaWAN® and has been specified by the non-profit  LoRa Alliance™ organization. This technology operates reliably and securely at low costs and is appropriate for a variety of applications thanks to its wide coverage range.

IoT Communication Network For Germany

To connect intelligent sensors and terminal devices to the Internet of Things, telent has founded the Netzikon GmbH. This 100% subsidiary sets up and operates an IoT radio network in Germany based on LoRaWAN® technology. The first large urban centers have already been covered. For further information, please see Netzikon

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