IoT platform “EvalorIQ” offers options for presenting and analyzing smart city and smart industry applications

Frankfurt/Main / Backnang, February 7, 2017 – telent GmbH, a euromicron Group company, is sealing its partnership with Bilfinger GreyLogix. The IoT system integrator now offers “EvalorIQ”, a scalable platform for the Internet of Things. The solution boasts detailed presentation and analysis options, enabling complex Smart City and Smart Industry applications to be penetrated and represented efficiently.

The digital transformation means many companies face the question of how to generate concrete benefits from it. In many cases, the possibilities offered by networking machinery, devices and sensors are very extensive. Process optimization, means of collaboration or predictive maintenance are just some of the resultant options. However, the difficulty often lies elsewhere: The problem is to analyze the information and data supplied by all newly connected devices and interfaces and translate the results into practical approaches or busi-ness models. That is why telent offers “EvalorIQ”, its own ubix-based, enhanced platform for the Smart City and Smart Industry arenas. It enables all the information to be analyzed and visualized.

The platform’s open and flexible architecture speeds up development of solutions in the Internet of Things (IoT) and simplifies customization. End-to-end communication, asset tracking or predictive maintenance can thus be tailored precisely to the customer’s needs. For example, meters can be read using “EvalorIQ” and the figures passed on to existing billing systems via standardized interfaces. It also enables presentations in trend graphs or dynamic process images for energy management that can be compared using analysis tools.

In the event of disruptions to processes, “EvalorIQ” can trigger various alarms in a multi-level escalation procedure. Notifications by SMS, e-mail or voice call can be defined, depending on the status of the disruption. Configuring them is simple and is done using thresholds on the basis of analog measured values. “EvalorIQ” consequently delivers a platform that pools all key measured values and data. Dashboards with live data, system process images and evaluation tools increase transparency for all processes and so enable important conclusions to be drawn. That means processes can be optimized and new digital services developed.

“Platforms play a major role in successfully implementing and placing IoT solutions,” says Robert Blum, CEO of telent GmbH. “It’s often the case that a wide range of differing requirements have to be combined in numerous projects. That can significantly increase the complexity and costs of developing a solution,” explains Blum. That is why “EvalorIQ” is offered as a platform as a service. As a result, all services can be billed per use. Additional IT infrastructure is not required. Customers can integrate a modular solution into their company, without any large capital tie-up or extra personnel costs, to suit their investment volume. “We’re delighted to be able to pool the know-how of telent and Bilfinger GreyLogix in implementing our IoT customer projects and so provide our customers with lasting support on their way to the digital transformation,” states Blum.“EvalorIQ” supports numerous interfaces and protocols for connecting various sensors and field devices. Building and process control technology from different vendors, such as SAMSON, Siemens or WAGO, can be integrated in the overall system quickly and easily. Compatibility simplifies the implementation process. On the basis of that, new services and business might be able to be developed without the need to completely refresh the existing IT infrastructure.




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