KARMA uses professional LoRaWAN™ solutions from telent and Netzikon

Backnang / Ludwigsburg, June 28, 2018  -  KARMA GmbH has developed an intelligent solution for object and energy management and uses  the highly available and reliable LoRaWAN™ radio technology of the euromicron subsidiary telent for this purpose. In cooperation with the network operator Netzikon, telent provides a reliable IoT solution consisting of a secure IoT radio network, sensor technology as well as the corresponding data services.

The number of possible applications and functions for the digitization of asset and object management is high. In the meantime, there are many individual solutions for target groups such as property attendants, facility managers, utility companies, security agencies or other users. The KARMA company has developed an eponymous application, which interlinks all these solutions and combines them in an overall system. Using the corresponding app as digital control center, both operators and users can thus intelligently manage, optimize and use objects and facilities. Companies legally liable to use an energy management system or provide energy audits, can meet essential requirements quickly and cost-effectively using KARMA.

Latest radio technology from a single source
KARMA provides the software platform, whereas the object data are transmitted using LoRaWAN™ radio technology. Thus, data transfer is takes place independently of unsecure WiFi networks. In its function as an IoT expert, telent integrates sensors working with the same battery for several years. Netzikon provides a low-radiation and high-coverage LoRaWAN™ radio network penetrating even building walls and thus available also in deep basements. Furthermore the Netzikon radio network offers additional security features even exceeding the requirements of the LoRaWAN™ standard. 

The first KARMA users include inter alia customers of the Stuttgart-based construction company WOLFF & MÜLLER. In the future, selected buildings in the field of turnkey constructions will be equipped with intelligent measuring and sensor technology and appropriate energy management systems. The operators will be supplied with the KARMA basic package and supported by an energy coach for a period of six months. 

"In cooperation with our subsidiary Netzikon, we ensure a smooth integration of radio technology in the KARMA solution and deliver all necessary components from a single source. Our services permit highly available and secure IoT applications required especially for intelligent infrastructures", explains Mirko Bruns, Business Development Manager at telent. 

"We have intensively examined as to which IoT radio technology is appropriate for our solution and have chosen the suppliers Netzikon and telent for a good reason. LoRaWAN™ is exactly the right infrastructure for us, as it can be quickly implemented and offers a high degree of security, reliability and efficiency. We are very satisfied with the result", says André Gölz, Managing Director of KARMA GmbH

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