telent select Arkessa to accelerate LoRaWAN™ IoT network roll-out

telent GmbH, a German solutions provider, accelerates the deployment of LoRaWAN™ and Enterprise IoT solutions for the Energy, Transport, Industry 4.0 and Smart City sectors in Germany through Netzikon.


Netzikon, a public German LoRaWAN ™ network operator and subsidiary of telent, will use Arkessa’s leading-edge connectivity management, network roaming and localization solutions such as eUICC to deliver digital services for the connection and networking of intelligent equipment units based on the LoRaWAN ™ radio technology.

Andrew Orrock, Arkessa CEO said “The partnership between Netzikon, telent and Arkessa, all members of the LoRa Alliance™, demonstrates a commitment to simplifying and future-proofing Enterprise IoT.  Together we are helping global organizations to deploy IoT solutions faster and more efficiently.”

Wolfgang Krüger, head of Technology at Netzikon stated that “The decision to select Arkessa as partner for implementing backhaul connectivity in our network has proven to be a great choice in our numerous LoRaWAN™ deployments in Germany.”

About telent and Netzikon

telent GmbH – a company of euromicron Group –  is an independent vendor of solutions relating to networks and systems for critical infrastructures as well as operational and safety-related communication. The company supports its customers in the design, planning, installation, integration, operation and maintenance as well as with additional, comprehensive services. telent’s customers are public authorities and companies, particularly in the rail and transport industry, energy as well as IT and telecommunications sector.

The Netzikon GmbH is a telent GmbH subsidiary founded in 2016. As a German IoT network operator, the company provides digital services for the connection and networking of intelligent equipment units based on LoRa™ radio technology on a nationwide level.


About Arkessa


Arkessa is a leading M2M managed services provider making Internet of Things (IoT) easier and future-proof. Arkessa connects IoT devices and services to the IoT, regardless of location, network operator or wireless technology. Arkessa managed services include; (i) multi-network cellular with first time connect capability (global roaming); (ii) international data plans with localised tariffs; (iii) secure enterprise integration and resilient mobile broadband solutions; (iv) eSIM and eUICC. By aggregating multiple global mobile networks and technologies - cellular (2G, 3G, 4G), satellite and low power wide-area (LPWAN) - into a single service and management platform, Arkessa enables IoT devices to connect out-of-the-box and operate anywhere on the planet. This secure and future-proof service platform is easy to adopt, integrate and scale enabling Enterprises and OEMs to optimise design, manufacturing and logistics and focus on new revenue generating services.


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