Increased pressure on IT and network infrastructuresCisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA)

In the face of the rapid changes as we move through the digital era, pressure on IT and your network infrastructures is increasing

when you expand your existing network, the IT infrastructure can become very complex, less flexible and susceptible to security threats. Costs will also rise. This can be a real challenge, especially for growing companies. 

The Cisco® Digital Network Architecture (DNA) is a software-controlled network architecture that eases your pathway to becoming a digital company. It enables you to simplify IT processes, maximise security and make operating processes more efficient. Tasks that frequently recur, such as network configuration, are automated, and analyses provide you with important information allowing you to improve your business results and enhance your innovation potential. It can be scaled to suit your needs so that you can provide applications and services more quickly. Your company will become more flexible and be able to respond more quickly to new business models and opportunities. Because the security functions are integrated into the overall network, threats can be recognised and contained over a thousand times faster than the industry average; that means in just a few minutes instead of several months. 

The Cisco® Digital Network Architecture (DNA) turns digital transformation into a reality. It allows IT to be simplified, analysis data to be utilised, applications and services to be provided more quickly and threats to be recognised through the integrated security functions. With DNA and the Cisco SD-Access Fabric, plug & play,  Day-0 and Day-1 configuration, full automation and zero-touch deployment just fall into place. Tomorrow’s buzzwords will simply become standard practice. 

We make Digital Network Architecture possible for you. We’ll provide you with a step-by-step perspective as your network is transformed into an SD-Access Fabric and show you live how the system operates and how it can make your everyday working life simpler and easier. As a Cisco Gold partner, we will stand by you and show you the way to the network of the future and how to achieve added value. Talk to us about the challenges facing you! 

What benefits can you expect from Cisco DNA?

The network gateway is your first line of defence: The guidelines applied here determine who or what can access your network and suspicious activities are detected here even in encrypted data traffic. Even a single security violation can have fatal consequences for your company. So you need a solution that reliably recognises and monitors what comes into the network. 

The network gateway brings together information of all different types, telling you what is happening in your company. The new network, based on Cisco® Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA™), provides you with precise insights into the behaviour of your users, the devices used by them and the applications they are accessing. This is combined with a learning capability and the ability to adapt to changes and new requirements in the network.

More users, more devices, more sites to be managed. Against this background, automation is more important than ever before. It allows planning to be simplified and guidelines to be provided and applied throughout the network. Network virtualisation makes it easier to manage networks and guidelines by user type. This means that you can implement applications quickly and detect threats faster.  

Your success ultimately depends on the quality of your network connections. Cisco is the only network specialist that maintains a partnership with Apple in order to create a fantastic user experience on mobile terminals through optimised Wi-Fi and roaming. With the new network, we simplify monitoring and improve the user experience for your staff and customers.

Cisco DNA has been designed with an eye on the future and prepares the network for new functions and adaptation to digital developments. The Cisco Catalyst® 9000 series switches provide you with specially developed programmable platforms with complete fabric control for security, mobility, IoT and the cloud. 

In short: With this open, programmable network, you will create more scope for innovation. 


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