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Railway companies place highest priority on smooth, reliable operation and customer satisfaction.  All operators of transport infrastructures must face the challenge to modify or upgrade their existing ICT infrastructure (Information and Communication Technology) for the next generation of intelligent network solutions to meet the requirements of the IT Security Act and cope with the modernization of the communications landscape.


With the increasing digitization and thanks to the possibilities offered by the Internet of Things (IoT), smart communication will considerably influence future mobility and thus shape the traffic infrastructures of tomorrow.   

The requirements to be fulfilled by an intelligent and efficient networking for the transmission of voice, data and video signals as well as application-related information will increase significantly.  IP networks are developing more and more to become the key technology. This applies in particular to places where numerous systems and technologies must be interconnected. 

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To ensure the safety of passengers and staff, a highly available and secure operating network is required for the communication of all devices and components. This includes, for example, emergency intercom systems, public address systems, video surveillance systems, but also information display systems, fire protection, public safety and signaling systems. This is possible primarily through customized, highly secure, IP-based network solutions.

As a system integrator with many years of branch experience and a network specialist for operational and security communications, telent offers integrated system solutions for secure networks, IP solutions, PMR radio systems and technology services for Deutsche Bahn and a large number of medium-sized public transportation companies.

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telent has been active for years in the field of essential network and IT security requirements for Railways and other KRITIS operators and translates the ever increasing security requirements into practical solutions. Networks and IT systems must be prepared to effectively combat attacks and have to meet a minimum level of standards. The high availability of the networks must also be an integrated part of the overall security concept. A failure of the communication infrastructure does not necessarily have to be the consequence of a cyber attack, but can also be due to an insufficient performance of the company network. 

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