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Radio solutions for The Internet Of Things

Netzikon offers network solutions for enterprise based on LoRaWAN-technology with a Core SaaS back-end and a Data Platform in order to process the Sensor Data to either a customer API or with an internal process logic. 

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New Opportunities Through The Internet Of Things

Digitization, machine-to-machine communication and networking both in the economy and society are continuously progressing and affecting an ever increasing number of areas of life.

Successful concepts for Smart City and Industry 4.0 are resulting from the intelligent linking of requirements and needs using the most different technologies, systems and solutions available on the market. This leads to an enormous potential to fulfill tasks efficiently and with the use of the most different information. The LoRaWAN® technology can significantly contribute to cope with this challenge.  

LoRaWAN®The Efficient Radio Technology For The IoT

Billions of things interconnected via sensors and actuators are communicating with each other in the Internet of Things. Conventional radio technologies cannot support and handle these communication requirements comprehensively. Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) offer the optimum solution to meet this challenge. They permit the autonomous devices to interconnect and exchange information at low energy consumption. The LoRaWAN® radio technology is based on the open Industry Standard LoRaWAN® and has been specified by the non-profit  LoRa Alliance™ organization. This technology operates reliably and securely at low costs and is appropriate for a variety of applications thanks to its wide coverage range.

The open and flexible architecture of EvalorIQ accelerates the development of IoT solutions and simplifies individualization. Thus, end-to-end communication, asset tracking or predictive maintenance can be exactly adapted to meet the individual requirements.

IoT-Process ManagementDigitization

In the Internet of Things, machines, equipment units and sensors deliver large data volumes. The evaluation and use of these data to find practicable approaches or business models is decisive for the success of the relevant IoT concept. Our platform provides the tools required for evaluation and processing purposes.

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