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We understand the complex cybersecurity challenges in the OT world. This is because our team at telent are communication and data networks experts and have consolidated more than 20 years of expertise in automation, process and network control technology as well as industrial security under the KORAMIS brand. Our holistic approach to cybersecurity, which takes all potential attack vectors from people, business and internal processes, data assets and technology vulnerabilities equally into account, enables us to provide you with sustainable, enduring security concepts for both your IT and OT needs, customized just for you.


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We always stay true to our sustainable approach whether dealing with technology, businesses, internal procedures and people. We comply with regulations and standards including the BSI-Grundschutz, the ISO-2700x series, IEC-62443 as well as best practices out of 20 years of IT and OT security. We take all consumer perceptions into account and provide customized solutions to address the problems where the action is needed.


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Be it network planning, technical implementation, operational support, monitoring or conception of data backup and disaster recovery, we support you with critical business decisions regarding your company’s security strategy.
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Putting our Managed Security Services into place, we safeguard you from cyberattacks. Ongoing network monitoring – threat assessment – danger prevention. We offer network protection round the clock.
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Our ISMS services help you identify potential risks to your business and help you to protect your data through the implementation of a basic security management system based on the German BSI Grundschutz, ISO 27001 or B3S.

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Penetration Test
We put your systems thoroughly to the test. We use the same techniques as cybercriminals would hack into your network and applications to pinpoint all the weaknesses and security potholes threatening your systems.
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Remote Services
RMM of machinery systems using open networks streamlines operating processes and minimizes downtime, but involves potential risks. We help you ensure cybersecurity posture.

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System Hardening
Classic cybersecurity strategies are no longer a long-term option when it comes to OT. Our system hardening services reduce the risk of attack acting as a springboard for security maturity.
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Threat Assessment
Only those who recognize their IT/OT risks can stay in control of them. Our risk analysis based on the standards of the German codes ISO 27005 and IEC 62443, helps you to establish appropriate steps to safeguard your cybersecurity.

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Secure Coding
Software is becoming more and more complex by the day, hereby presenting the risk that cyber hackers reach their goals. Secure Coding shows you how to avoid and eliminate weak points.

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Cyber Attack Detection
Attack detection systems analyze audit data captured from a system, detect attacks as they take place on your network and warn you upon detection.

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Data Gateway
Removable media are one of the main portals for malware. However, data storage devices can’t be eradicated. Our database vulnerability software which can be in the cloud combats the risks of data theft.
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Vulnerability Management
Keep track of systems, applications and databases – physical security – security tools already in place. Our cyber program vulnerabilities assessment program keeps a holistic approach to cybersecurity when analyzing your networks and potential cyber threats, and provides you with a complete plan of action.
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Cybersecurity cannot exist without people. Our customized Awareness Program and concepts help you improve the way you deliver and protect smarter and safer network applications for your employees.

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