Flexible, stable and secureWLAN / Wireless Networks

The advantages for you

  • Secure WLAN infrastructures
  • Wireless networks for security-relevant applications
  • Integration in office, production or logistics
  • Mobility / WLAN in harsh environments
  • IP connection of moving systems such as cable railways and production environments
  • Comprehensive advice and maintanance services

Modern WLANs are an easy-to-implement alternative to cable networks. They are particularly useful in moving workplaces or to allow visitors to access the network or internet easily and conveniently. However, there are sources of interference that can adversely impact the operation and availability of the WLAN such as passing trains or neighbouring aerial systems of mobile phone providers that emit interfering signals. The structure of a building, such as steel reinforcements in the walls, can also weaken or completely block the WLAN radio waves. 

That is why we are on hand to support you in developing your WLAN, with meaningful information and effective security concepts so that your WLAN operates both stably and securely. 

When selecting suitable products, we rely on tried-and-tested methods and technologies developed by reputable manufacturers to make sure your investment is protected. 

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