Establish clear goals and metrics

Defining clear, measurable goals for sustainability efforts form the basis for appropriate performance metrics to track and evaluate progress.


Selection of sustainable suppliers and partnerships

telent GmbH checks its supply chains for social aspects and environmental standards and promotes partnerships with sustainable companies.


Integration of the sustainability strategy into the corporate culture

Sustainability is an integral part of the corporate culture. There is a comprehensive training and awareness-raising programme for employees to raise awareness of sustainability and promote their commitment.  


Service optimisation and innovation

Services are analysed with a focus on sustainability, taking into account the entire process steps.  


Involvement of all relevant stakeholders


The needs and expectations of all stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, employees, investors and the infrastructural environment are documented. The requirements are collected, analysed, weighted and integrated into the sustainability strategy. 



Transparency and communication

telent GmbH stands for open communication of sustainability efforts and progress to their stakeholders. 


Implementation of environmentally friendly practices

Environmentally friendly business processes, management of energy flows, reduction of waste and emissions, promotion of recycling and circular economy are part of the company's standard.


Continuous review and improvement

telent GmbH guarantees regular reviews of the sustainability strategy and goals, to ensure relevance and effectiveness. We respond to changing conditions and challenges out of cycle.


The successful implementation of a sustainability strategy requires commitment, co-operation and continuous efforts at all levels of the company. By acting consistently, companies can make a positive contribution to the environment and society and ensure long-term success.