Redundancy and maximum availability in productionIndustrial Ethernet

Possible application areas

  • Automation technology
  • Outdoor applications
  • Energy supply
  • Oil, gas, mining
  • Production
  • Security systems
  • Shipping applications
  • Traffic and transport

Connectivity for harsh environments

  • Industrial Ethernet solutions
  • Industrial routing
  • Industrial WLAN solutions
  • Outdoor applications
  • Industrial WLAN for production and logistics
  • Secure maintenance access

In recent years, Ethernet technology (fibreglass technology) has become established in industrial manufacturing which allows the control and monitoring of production processes to be managed. Nowadays, network technology is indispensable in rail transport, the healthcare system or traffic management technology, too. Industrial Ethernet components based on fibreglass technology are characterised by their robust design for use in harsh environments. Industrial Ethernet switches are specially developed to withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations and impacts. 

Robust, fail-safe products and solutions

Here, robust, fail-safe products and solutions guarantee secure data transmission even in unfavourable conditions. In this context, redundancy and maximum availability in production are absolutely essential. Connection failures, which can have costly consequences, can only be allowed to last a fraction of a second – then the redundant path must be switched in. 

In realising our Industrial Ethernet solutions, we rely in particular on MICROSENS products, which are made in Germany and specially developed for use in harsh environments as well. With its Profi Line range, MICROSENS provides certified solutions for failure-prone applications. The Entry Line range is characterised by its cost-effective products. 


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