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The digitization and possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT) - together with the trends towards urbanization - will shape future mobility and thus the traffic infrastructures of tomorrow. The intensive communication via different channels increases the requirements placed on intelligent and functioning data transmission. The volume of voice and video messages as well as application-related data within critical infrastructures of regional and supra-regional transport and traffic companies is permanently growing. 

In order to ensure the safety of both passengers and staff members, a highly reliable company network is required for the communication between all equipment units and components. This network must cover - for example - video surveillance, emergency call systems, signal transmission as well as the aggregation and administration of video and voice data in a Control Center. This is achieved primarily by secure and reliable IP-based applications.

Specific Solutions ForTransport & Traffic Companies

We enable our customers from the public transport and traffic sector to connect and network their infrastructure intelligently and in an energy-efficient way. In addition to turnkey solutions, we establish comprehensive communication and professional mobile radio networks for public transport operators - from the planning phase, via the integration and implementation up to operation and maintenance.

Highly Available AndSecure ICT Concepts

Transport companies are governed by the IT Security Act (IT-SiG), which was passed in the summer of 2015.  This Act forces companies at the latest from 2017 onwards to take appropriate organizational and technical measures to avoid failures of information technology systems, components or processes. This Act also sets out the conditions for integrating sector-specific security standards and reporting obligations in case of incidences jeopardizing security. 

A technical partner like telent is expected to use specific technologies to set up a secure network appropriate to guarantee reliable applications. However, in most cases not only technical measures or specialized security products are required to meet this demand. telent has already been active for many years in the field of essential network and IP security requirements for KRITIS operators and translates solutions for the ever increasing security requirements into concrete projects. This experience creates the necessary security. 


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