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Technical ServicesFull-Coverage Service Presence

If you need to have technical services executed or require such services only on a support basis, it is recommendable to cooperate with strong and renowned service providers. telent is a system integrator and technology service provider for both public and private telecommunication and data networks as well as for security networks and critical infrastructures.


Thanks to many years of cooperation with customers, telent has achieved an excellent position regarding the provision and execution of services, planning, projecting and installation of a wide variety of company networks and telecommunication networks. telent always sets its focus on high-quality products of different well-known and renowned manufacturers.

The telent Project Management

Each project is regarded as a new partnership. Our success depends exclusively on the benefit and profit our customers can draw from the services we deliver. The target of such a partnership lies in working out the maximum benefit. Thanks to our long-term experience in managing complex projects, telent is the right partner for its customers.


Operation, Maintenance And Repair

Thanks to a full-coverage service organization and the Managed Network Operations Center (M-NOC), telent offers its customers a variety of high-performance support services. telent provides the technical support and offers a coordinated round-the-clock service concept.




Climbing Way Testing And Certification

Operators of facilities using climbing ways have a special legally binding responsibility regarding the safety and functionality of these climbing ways and their anchorage systems. For this purpose, telent offers a complete service portfolio for testing, maintaining and certifying such climbing ways.



Managed Network Operations Center

Today, more than ever before, network and communication infrastructures are playing a vital role for business strategies. telent offers high-performance and excellent services for the management and reliable operation targeting at a maximum security and availability of the services.



Support And Service Hotline

Customer satisfaction and the associated high quality requirements are our first priority. Thanks to its central Service Competence Center (SCC), telent is available for its customers round the clock. We ensure that processes run smoothly and all tasks involved will be carried out.



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Analog Radio: Support And Service Hotline

The performance efficiency of telent is especially reflected by our complete maintenance, operation and training concept. The round-the-clock availability and fast technical support ensured by our Service Competence Center (SCC) are part of our comprehensive analog radio service concept. 



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