In touch with the digital futureNetwork Technology

We are experts in all transmission media

and are also able to build up new network structures or to merge, adapt and migrate existing structures. We work independently of any manufacturer and develop the solutions that are technically best for our customers.

Increasing networking and the digitisation of all conceivable forms of information are increasingly defining the worlds in which we live and work. These dramatic changes depend on high-performance network infrastructures for data transmission. As the central supply system, they set the pace for the future. telent specialises in creating these network infrastructures.

On the basis of these future-proof network infrastructures, we build market-leading applications, such as security, control, healthcare or monitoring systems. We focus on the digital future of the Internet of Things. With high-value components from our technology partners, customised system integration, the development of high-performance data transmission and powerful security systems, we help our customers to be successful in their own industries. The services we offer range from networking individual buildings, such as offices, banks, hospitals, hotels, airports, etc. to supra-regional networking of companies and authorities.

Availability, performance and low operating costsActive Network Technology


Every solution is only as sustainable as the network on which it is based. By choosing suitable components from leading manufacturers and designing your network to the highest level, we can achieve the availability and performance that you need today and in the future. As a certified partner to all the reputable manufactureres, we guarantee to find the most cost-effective, customisable solutions to fit your requirements.


As a competent service partner for consulting, planning and installation, we can place our highly qualified, certified specialist staff and our managed service concepts entirely at your disposal. 

A high level of investment protection offering security for the futurePassive Networks: Copper and Fibre Optic Cabling Systems


As a competent service partner for consulting, planning and installation, we can place our highly qualified, certified Alongside the pure transmission parameters, cabling systems primarily have to meet requirements such as durability, failure safety and investment protection. We meet these requirements through the use of high-quality, passive cabling systems with a 15-year system warranty.

Our network solutions offer operating reliability and a high level of investment protection. At the same time, our solutions allow maximum flexibility through the possible integration of new system technologies with, for example, higher bandwidths. In planning and implementation, our experienced project managers support you as your direct contact partners. Our in-house specialist fitters provide expert installation services that ensure the consistent quality and durability of your cabling systems.

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